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Thia|Doe|Blackwood Member by Colboltz
Lady Elara| Doe | Royal by Colboltz
Dhiren | Buck | Aspiring Soldier by Colboltz
Larkin | Blackwood Stag | Aspiring Warrior by Colboltz
Noodles by Colboltz
Vilkas |Colt |Prince by Colboltz
Elise | Filly | Member by Colboltz

4/4 starter slots taken
3/3 foal slots taken

Lovies <3



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Dark by Colboltz

Vilkas is already two years old. 

3 deviants said HNNNG THEY GROW UP SO FAST
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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 24, 2015, 6:45 PM
Taking a hiatus. Don't know how long I'll be gone..

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doge es teen average

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 21, 2015, 5:37 PM

[x] Mother
[ ] Father
[x] Step-Father
[ ] Step-Mother
[x] Step Sister
[ ] Step Brother
[x] Brother(s)
[ ] Brother In Law
[  ] Sister(s)
[ ] Sister In Law
[ ] Half sister
[ ] Half brother
[ ] Nephew
[ ] Niece
[ ] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[x] Mobile phone
[  ] Own bathroom
[x] Own room
[x] Have/had a swimming pool
[x] Have/had a hot tub
[ ] Guest room
[x] Living Room
[x] Own computer
[x] Own TV
[x] Flat TV
[ ] There is some big carpet at your house
Total so far: 12

[x] Queen/King sized bed
[x] More than 8 pairs of shoes
[x] MP3 Player/iPod
[ ] PS2/3  
[x] Nintendo DS or PSP
[x] Gameboy/Advance
[ ] Gamecube
[ ] Xbox/Xbox 360 
[ ] Wii
[x] Your Own Laptop (SORT OF)
Total so far: 18

[ ] Basketball net/hoop
[ ] Air hockey table
[ ] Pool table
[ ] Ping pong table
[ ] Football table
[ ] sport gear
Total so far: 18

[x] Nightstand
[x] Stereo in bedroom
[ ] surround system
[ ] DVD player in bedroom/portable
Total so far: 20

[x] Go shopping at least once a week
[x] Expensive cologne/perfume
[x] camera on phone
Total so far: 23

[ ] Go Cart/car/quad
[ ] Guitar/drums/bass guitar
[ ] Piano/Keyboard
[x] Any other instrument (HARMONICA SWAGSWAG)
[ ] Been on a cruise
[ ] Traveled out of the country
[ ] Traveled out of the continent
[ ] Had a personal trainer
[x] Expensive jewelry
Total so far: 25

[x] Straightener/curling iron
[x] Have been to a batting cage
[ ] Have $100 on you right now in your pocket/wallet
[ ] Credit card or ATM card or debit card or bank card
[x] Have a TV in your room
[x] Mirror in your room
Total so far: 29

[x] Window in your room
[ ] Been to Paris
[ ] Been to Rome
[ ] Been to Australia
[ ] Been to Switzerland
[ ] Been to Dubai
[ ] Been to Germany
[ ] Been to the United Kingdom
[ ] Been to a place written in 7 wonders
Total so far: 30

[x] Parents have a car
[x] Have owned or own a Jet ski/boat
[x] Had/have Camped
[x] Been to 3+ states/countries/provinces
[ ] 80+ buddies (I have a lot of friends but I just don't count them. BCS SOME I DON'T EVEN KNOW THEIR NAMES OMG SUMMER R00D??)
Total so far: 34

[ ] Home cooked meals almost everyday
[ ] Been in a limo
[ ] Been in a helicopter
[x] Own a camera
[ ] Have been to Disneyland/World more than 2 times
Total: 35

Post as:
1-25 = Ghetto! (and tag 3 people)
26-40 = Average Teen! (and tag 10 people)
41-50 = Spoiled Teen! (And tag 15 people)
51+ = Upper Class Snob! (Tag 20 people)

wish that i could be like the cool kids.. Doge by Penis-Jam

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Elise | Filly | Member by Colboltz
Elise | Filly | Member
DEATH TO THE OATHBREAKERS. :iconbigheartplz:

Name: Elise
Nickname: Elise. (Though she will change her name to Elva when she's older.)
Gender: Filly
Year of Birth: Spring 761
Height: 7 hh When older
Build: Light
Phenotype: Sooty Cremello
Genotype: ee Aa CrCr nSty
Eye Colour: Blue
Design Sheet: Chiharu x Haruki = Elise
Proof of birth: 

Sire: Chiharu
Dam: Haruki
Siblings: /


Who needs friends?

Bloodline: Pure Oakfern. 
Magic Type: Water

Skill Points

Speed: 7 [No Level]
Stamina: 3 [No Level]
Strength: 0 [No Level] (Build Cap: 5 points max)

Magic: 0 [No Level]
Herbs: 1 [No Level]

Experience: 0


+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+1 herbs - hereditary bonus

Herd Information
Herd: Oakfern
Herd Position: Herd member. (Will either be an aspiring shaman or fawntaker.)

   Elise is quiet and usually only speaks when she has something to say. Blabbing is a waste of oxygen. She is almost the opposite of her loving parents and has a cold exterior. She is calculating and prefers to look at situations from the outside before jumping in. She's a bit creepy and she can be a bit unsettling to be around. *shivers*
Gealach is everything! She's utterly devoted and she wishes to be a shaman when she grows older.



is le born!

Art @ Colboltz
Vilkas is already two years old.
3 deviants said HNNNG THEY GROW UP SO FAST
1 deviant said //intensesobbing

Fawnling Requests

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 5:12 AM
Advent Calendar: Day 6 by ColboltzAdvent Calendar: Day 5 by Colboltz
Some examples above, yess. Still working on those other requests alsoo. Comment with the link to your character if you want one!

Will probably do these in rounds or so, that way I don't freak out because there's so many. xD But don't worry if you miss! You'll be placed on the next set.

1. Azara | Doe | Firebringer
2. Emilie | Doe | Herbalist
3. Cian | Stag | Soldier
4. Jamarreon l Colt l Commoner

(Also about the hidden comments, I reuse journals a lot because I don't like making new ones. xD)

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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 24, 2015, 6:45 PM
Taking a hiatus. Don't know how long I'll be gone..

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