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That thing called Summer

Vilkas By Tigressdesign by Colboltz
So.. My name is Summer, I'm 17 and I live in South Carolina :meow:
Now lemme just go on and on about my life here even though you probably don't care :I
I have 4 dogs, and 1 parrot c: 3 chihuahuas: Jacob, Layla and Leia (Who are actually a whole family <3momdadandbaby, a Pomasnoodle: Precious, and a Sun Conure: Caiden.
I only started taking drawing seriously in 2010. So I'm still rather noob-ish :lmao:
I use a Wacom Bamboo Tablet, Paint tool Sai, and PSE 9.
and yeah. Summerness xD

if you haven't noticed i am extremely obsessed with attack on titan. and sword art online. and fairy tail. and balalnalnalblbalb so many others;

Skype: summernicolez
Other accounts:Vyzu


Lovies <3



 :icondazomb: :iconnaomithewolf: :iconlilafly: :iconsassysquid::iconimke14: :icondezzired: :iconnaporierizia: :iconfillyfalls: :iconearthshala:

Dark by Colboltz

Pssst.. Add me on skype 

1 deviant said shhh go gooo naow
No deviants said like 99% of my friends are always offline or they just don't talk to me >c
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Doodles: Nameless by Colboltz
Doodles: Nameless
My Christmas design! <3

I can't help but sketch her she's so adorable aldfj;djfdjf *flails*

Looking for Rp's!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 29, 2013, 3:15 PM
Must have more rp's yesss :dummy: Also looking for long-term plots.

Vilkas |Colt |Prince by Colboltz
My boy has been so abandoned D: I'd love for him to meet anyone, he's a sweety. <3 
-I have one idea with him playing with a princess filly. He falls down and gets cut on his knee and they completely freak out. AHH DON'T DIE SHH ITS OKAY!! and then they rush to the princess's mother and she heals him. xD 
- Was at the Summer Loch Kerr trip. So splash splashes?

Lady Elara| Doe | Royal by Colboltz
I don't really have any ideas so it could be anything. Just keep in mind her personality. If you're a commoner she automatically hates you. xD
-They could gossip
-Someone could come across her practicing magic and either help her or laugh at her?

Dhiren | Buck | Aspiring Soldier by Colboltz
Looking for anything :3 

Thia|Doe|Blackwood Member by Colboltz
Backdated rp's for now as I am so far behind on her storyline xD 
-Has lived in Blackwood her whole life, so anythingg

I'll also be having a Blackwood stag up soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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Featuring Lady Elara and Lady Maera (NPC)
Summer, Year 753 of the New Age
Glenmore, Glenwood

All was well, at least for the royals of Glenmore. It was an epitome of a perfect day. Blue skies with not a single cloud in sight yet a breeze blew through the woods, preventing it from being too hot. A tiny red filly lay curled against her mother’s legs as the older doe chatted with a few others. The fawn’s aunt was included, a favorite of hers. They stood there for a while talking before the fawn gave any sort of movement. Yawning, her mouth in a small pink “o”, the young Elara woke up from her nap and blinked a couple of times, her eyes adjusting to the bright light of the world. She smiled as she caught sight of her equally red aunt and her tail tapped against the ground, almost like a puppy.

The kind doe lowered her head and tickled her niece with her nose, making the filly giggle. She wriggled away and somehow got her gangly legs underneath her. Her aunt winked at her sister and took Elara away with her. Atraena nodded dimly, she was glad to be rid of the child for a while.

“Are you ready to go on an adventure?” Maera, her aunt and somewhat the closest thing she had to a real mother. Curly hair flying in all directions, the little lady bounced in all directions. “Oooof course!” She squealed.

“Then let’s go!” With that the taller doe sank into a paced trot, not too fast, so that Ella could keep up. They made their way through the heart of the Glenwood and the filly tried to look as royal as possible. Which she was by birth. Thankfully all her hair was in place and her coat was sleek without any signs of grime. One always had to be as perfect as possible when in the presence of the higher-ups. Even at her young age, Elara had just began playing the ‘game.’

Her aunt stopped by a few groups, flittering from fawnling to fawnling. Elara didn’t mind, she just stayed around her aunt’s legs to avoid getting lost. She liked the hustle and bustle of the Great Oak, in a weird way it was almost calming. Sooner than she liked, Maera nudged her forward and they trekked onwards to a small clearing for lunch.

Maera called her hoofmaiden, who had prepared a basket of assorted things for the two of them. She was dismissed and the two sat down on the comfy grass together. The Aunt and Niece bantered back and forth, all the while munching on different fruits and select grasses. Elara enjoyed her time with Maera as her own mother never really spent time with her like this.. Sometimes she couldn’t help but wish that she were her aunt’s daughter instead.

The sun dragged down a little in the sky and Elara’s legs became a little numb. She didn’t get up though, she didn’t want to leave! It was so much fun here. Instead she fidgeted a bit, trying to get some feeling back into them. Her aunt noticed and looked at the sky, it was time to get back. Turning towards her niece, she concentrated on the grass in front of her. A small sprout came out of the ground, growing taller and taller until it bloomed into a beautiful intricate peach colored flower. She nodded, very pleased. Elara’s mouth widened in shock, she had never seen anything like it! She was intrigued.. “How did you do that!? Wow, that was so cool!!” The filly blabbered on. Maera smiled gently and picked the flower from the ground. Carefully, she placed it in Elara’s tiny mane, right next to her large ears.

“Maybe I’ll teach you someday.” She smiled and nodded her head to the side, motioning to follow her home.

Flowers and Luncheons
It's almost three in the morning and i'm not sure why i'm still up. I felt like writing so I did this blob of random stuffness. xDD

Baby!Elara spends some time with her favorite aunty. Then catches her first glimpse of magic! woooo yay awesome

635 words

Not sure if she gets any points for this. I guess speed maybe? Since she ran a little


Journal Entry: Mon Dec 15, 2014, 7:13 PM
bla late night journal bcs yes.
I just really miss 2012? and the few years before it. For dA at least, xD Before profit-breeds and when harpg was about art instead of money. When Oc's were, well.. original characters and you didn't have to have them in a group to rp. When art was about the process and the fun, not the result. I miss the stories and the art, and when you could message a random person without feeling annoying. Everyone just feels so closed off now?
2012 was a big year for me, online and offline and lasbflsdfl;

I duNno RAnDomNEsS //rant over    

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