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:new: If you did not receive a reply, please note me!

:santa: I'm sure most of you know what a secret santa is but if not don't fret! Basically I'll assign you a partner randomly and you draw a picture of their character. :santa:


:bulletgreen: Gifts are to be uploaded during the month of December, no earlier. 
:bulletred: Please put effort into your gifts!
:bulletgreen: If you don't feel comfortable drawing for your assigned partner, let me know!
:bulletred: This is for Fawnlings only!

To enter simply send me a note with the following layout:
:bulletgreen: Title: Fawnling Secret Santa
:bulletred: Name: username (Colboltz ex, )
:bulletgreen: Character: (Leave a link to your fawnling! Or several if you have more than one so your partner can choose. c: )

Deadline for Entry: Friday, November 14th! If you need an extension for whatever reason just let me know. Since this started late in the first place I want to give everyone enough time to make their gifts.

           :santa: Happy Holidays! :santa:
I see these popping up and I wanted to do one too. :3 Even though none of my fawnlings are open for breeding.. xDDD

Dhiren | Buck | Aspiring Soldier by Colboltz
Dhiren of Silverthorne
7 years old
Not available for rut. Ren would much prefer a permanent mate and he also has the mind of a teenager so um he doesn't need children. xDD

Lady Elara| Doe | Royal by Colboltz
Lady Elara of Glenmore
9 years old
Tentatively open.. This rut she is maybe reserved? She will only breed to King Dru. <3
Has one son, Prince Vilkas

Thia|Doe|Blackwood Member by Colboltz
 Thia of Silverthorne
7 years old
Not open as of yet. She will only ever breed with her future mate, Eiskalt. 

Vilkas |Colt |Prince by Colboltz
Prince Vilkas of Glenmore
uMm hEs A cHiLd. 

(Also about the hidden comments, I reuse journals a lot because I don't like making new ones. xD)
Even Princes Need Naps by Colboltz
Even Princes Need Naps
Featuring Prince Vilkas
Year 759 of the New Age, Summer
Glenwood, Glenmore

Villy taking a well deserved nap <3



I have been so inactive with fawnlings lately so going to try to set up a few rp's :3 I'd prefer to have a plot/idea beforehand so the rp isn't scattered all over the place. xD 

Vilkas |Colt |Prince by Colboltz
My boy has been so abandoned D: I'd love for him to meet anyone, he's a sweety. <3 

Lady Elara| Doe | Royal by Colboltz
I don't really have any ideas so it could be anything. Just keep in mind her personality. If you're a commoner she automatically hates you. xD

Dhiren | Buck | Aspiring Soldier by Colboltz
Looking for anything :3 

Thia|Doe|Blackwood Member by Colboltz
Rp's for her would take place in the year 758, Autumn. During that time she's leaving Blackwood to go to Silverthorne. Don't want to say too much for now but I need a herbalist to help her out. 

.:Hoots and Howls:. by Colboltz
.:Hoots and Howls:.
Featuring Thia
Early/Middle Autumn, Year 758 of the New Age

Art to: :dummy:

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